My mom, my BFF… Kathy

When I was a girl, I told my mom everything.  No, really, I did.  I rarely left her outa my loop on anything; no matter if it was what I ate at school that day for lunch,  my fretting about not getting my boobs when everyone else did, to math tests, mean kids, and the boy I just met that I was sure I would marry someday.  (PS – I DID marry him, and he was the only boy I ever said that about)

Know what?  She listened.  Every single time.  She may have been busy, but she took the time to at least keep her head in the conversation even when she was up to her elbows in raw chicken in the sink, scrubbing a bathroom floor, pulling weeds in the massive garden she kept our family afloat by planting, or when she was so tired she could barely stay awake after her day of work, but I was hyped up and needed a listening ear.

Recently I came across a picture that I never knew was taken.  It reminded me that she and I have grown up, but not apart.  Not even a minute.  I grew up, got married, started a family, and now I am a mom too, but still she is my BFF.  I still tell her everything.  All the things that matter anyway.

I am blessed to still have my mom in my life.

Thanks, Mom, for all the little things you do for me, the BIG things too, the prayers you say over me and my family, and for the love you show your grandchildren.  Thanks for being a listening ear, and teaching me how to be a good mom to my kids.

The other day my oldest daughter was chattering on about her day and what she had for lunch at school.  I smiled to myself remembering when I was the girl and did the same with my mom.  She asked me if she thought she talked to me too much, if I thought she came to me too often about things that she was thinking about or worrying about, and if she bothers me.  I told her no, and shook my head. Smiling, I told her that the day she stops talking to me is the day I start to worry, not the days she tells me all she thinks about and fills her days with.

I pray that my girls, and my son too, will always feel they can come to us as parents with the little things and the big things too.  I hope they never think we are unavailable, or that they are grown up enough to not need us as a listening ear.  I treasure the little things that come to their minds, the things they are excited about, and the things they fear and worry over.

So mom, as Thanksgiving rolls around once again, YOU are one of the many things I say thanks for…  It’s my prayer that we will continue to share a best friend relationship long into the next season of our lives… the one where I become a mother of Teenagers, and her a grandmother to them.

Love ya Mom!


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