Zippy and Mr Wiggles are all his own…

When you’re 8 years old, having your very own pets is not something to sneeze at.  It is something he’s craved for a long time.  It didn’t much matter that we have a cute little dog named Doogie or a Beta fish named Sebastian…  “those weren’t his OWN pets.”  Those guys were pets shared by the family.  So when we went on a Dad, Mom, and Drake outing last night while the girls were off on their own having fun, Drake begged to go to Uncle Bill’s pet shop.  It’s a regular spot to beg to go, to see the awesome pets and wish for a little guy all your own.

Happily he never asks for a dog, cat, or any large expensive pet.  He always wants a little frog, crab, or fish all his own.  I saw the bright yellow sign sporting a large 99cent sale.  I whispered to his dad and he nodded his approval.  I leaned over and asked Drake if he’d like to get some fish.  His eyes got big and round, he said, “like more than one!?” I nodded and said, “Two!” and he laughed out loud.  He paused and asked if they were his alone, or if they were “family” pets.  I grinned already knowing his heart and said yes, they were all his.  I swear his freckles almost popped off his face as it radiated the joy that was nearly bursting out of every pore.

So he picked out a bright orange and white one and one black, orange, and white guy.  Mr Wiggles and Zippy.  Perfect names for fish the poor fish guy had trouble catching THE fish he had his eyes on in a tank full.  But they man full of heart told him, “We’ll get the exact ones you want, young man.”  I highly recommend Uncle Bills.  They are always like that.

So we got home, got out an old fish bowl that was collecting dust waiting on a new set of friends, and gave them a pinch of food.  Yes, we even had the food too.  So $2.12 later, sitting at the table watching the fish zoom around their new home, this 8 year old was happier than I ever thought possible last night.  It proves that sometimes thankfulness in a gift is not measured by the cost of it.

The fish sit on his dresser now, so he can have company at night.  He hates to sleep alone because his sisters get to share a room, but we have no other boys for him to share a room with.  Now three boys share a room.  He will watch them swim at night till he falls asleep and he will not feel so lonely.  Why didn’t I think of this sooner?!

Just a snippet of life in the Campbell house…  May you enjoy your weekend and catch the mini moments that make life worth living  🙂


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