I’m not afraid of alien zombies

Seriously – I’m not scared.  Neither is my 8 year old son.  His “IMAGINATION”, however, is a bit “uneasy” about them.  Yes, that is his own word.

This last week, as it is the season for zombies and ghoulish things after all, Drake has taken a necessary step in keeping bad things at bay.  He’s required his ENTIRE overhead light to be on as he goes to bed at night.  It is not because he is scared, mind you.  Nope.  It’s because his imagination only can WORK if it has darkness to move around in.  If it’s light?  It’s powerless.

I was also informed that Imagination’s can JUMP from one light spot to any dark spot…  It is especially important for the hall light to be on, as well as the bathroom light, so that the Imagination’s power can not begin to work somewhere else and creep backwards.  (Notice that HE is not in control of this “imagination” but that it has a “mind” of it’s own – yes, I do see the humor in this…)  The closet must be shut up tight because, well, it’s dark in there, and because Drake has a loft bed, there must be a bed-light under it so no shadows “get down there” and allow his imagination to work underneath him while he sleeps and surprise him.

Whew.  Did you get all that?  If all this came from NO imagination working… what happens when the imagination is unleashed and he actually tries?!

But seriously… I get it.  I was a freakishly scared kid when it came to the dark.  So I give in a LOT to extra lights and go around toning down the lights after he zonks out zombie free.  Oh dont get me wrong and start emailing me like nuts here…  We work on things, try to reason with him, pray with him, and teach him how to deal with his fears… but sometimes when it comes right down to it… a little light makes night calm and fear free easily.

I am sure there is a lesson in this for me…

I know I do this in a grown up way.  No, not with aliens in the closet or zombies under the bed… but with issues that seem bigger than life and problems that feel un-controlable.  The unknowns are what scares me.  I am a concrete, list-making, get it fixed kinda gal.  Not being able to see around the next corner, knowing where the next bill payment will come from, hearing what the next doctor will say, how to deal with the next kid crisis and parenting delema – well it just all makes me go a little batty.

But there is a way to shine the light on it all, and make the fears go away, or at least let me sleep soundly.  I can hand it over to my Abba Daddy above and let Him have it all, ask him to carry it for me… and keep the light on for me.  Come what may, I can rest easier and have the childlike peace of my son’s sleep as well.

Yeah – I knew there was a lesson in those zombies and aliens. If it was just as easy to apply as it is to know in your heart…


What do you think?

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