Like sand between my fingers…

Time keeps moving forward, slipping away whether I truly treasure it or not.  I cannot believe how fast my kids are growing… and my girls have blown me away this summer with how fast they turned from little girls into, well, NOT little girls.  SOOOO not little girls.  I have treasured each moment with them, at least I hope I have.  I look back on pictures sometimes and I truly cant remember when they grew up so much!  I am so grateful to have those tidbits to send me reeling back into the past for a moment when they were 5 and 4, like in this picture here, and help me remember.

I am a photo-freak (my word) because I am aways wanting to remember each moment.  There are so many pictures that were spontaneously taken and admittedly some NOT so spontaneous.  So call me a photo-a-holic or whatever, I am glad I have the ability to recapture the moments.  Photos are like taking a sand timer and flipping it back upside down so the sand runs backwards just for a moment.  I win over time for just a second.

Last weekend the girls had a sleepover and did nails and girlie stuff.  It occurred to me that they were not the little tikes that were having me do their nails and curling their hair and needing me for any of it.  In fact last night Linds did MY nails in an awesome way with designs and flowers and whatnot.  When did we make that switch?

I am so proud of the young women they are becoming, but it is still a shock to my system some days.  It feels like yesterday they were tots running around in dress up clothes and plastic high heels.  Now I am vying to KEEP my high heels from walking away since Alli wears the same size shoe as I do.  Good GRIEF!!

Girls – I love you and treasure you – and am intensely proud of you.  Forgive the insane number of pictures I torture you by taking, and yes, even sometimes make you recreate that moment that just passed by saying, “wait, do that again”.  Someday MAYBE you will understand, but if you don’t, thank you for gifting me the treasures of memories gone by and the little windows into the past of the girls you once were. Someday this picture of you here – right now – looking so grown up – will be one that will be you as a young girl and you will later be grown and have lives of your own. So thanks for even this one here.  🙂

You bless me more than you know.

Love,  Your sappy Mom


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