Like sand between my fingers…

Time keeps moving forward, slipping away whether I truly treasure it or not.  I cannot believe how fast my kids are growing… and my girls have blown me away this summer with how fast they turned from little girls into, well, NOT little girls.  SOOOO not little girls.  I have treasured each moment with them, at least I hope I have.  I look back on pictures sometimes and I truly cant remember when they grew up so much!  I am so grateful to have those tidbits to send me reeling back into the past for a moment when they were 5 and 4, like in this picture here, and help me remember.

I am a photo-freak (my word) because I am aways wanting to remember each moment.  There are so many pictures that were spontaneously taken and admittedly some NOT so spontaneous.  So call me a photo-a-holic or whatever, I am glad I have the ability to recapture the moments.  Photos are like taking a sand timer and flipping it back upside down so the sand runs backwards just for a moment.  I win over time for just a second.

Last weekend the girls had a sleepover and did nails and girlie stuff.  It occurred to me that they were not the little tikes that were having me do their nails and curling their hair and needing me for any of it.  In fact last night Linds did MY nails in an awesome way with designs and flowers and whatnot.  When did we make that switch?

I am so proud of the young women they are becoming, but it is still a shock to my system some days.  It feels like yesterday they were tots running around in dress up clothes and plastic high heels.  Now I am vying to KEEP my high heels from walking away since Alli wears the same size shoe as I do.  Good GRIEF!!

Girls – I love you and treasure you – and am intensely proud of you.  Forgive the insane number of pictures I torture you by taking, and yes, even sometimes make you recreate that moment that just passed by saying, “wait, do that again”.  Someday MAYBE you will understand, but if you don’t, thank you for gifting me the treasures of memories gone by and the little windows into the past of the girls you once were. Someday this picture of you here – right now – looking so grown up – will be one that will be you as a young girl and you will later be grown and have lives of your own. So thanks for even this one here.  🙂

You bless me more than you know.

Love,  Your sappy Mom


Penny for your thoughts?

We were grocery shopping.  I was in a massive hurry.  Yes, I do realize I operate in a constant state of “massive hurry” and so this is not exactly new.  I only bother to state the fact to illustrate the oblivious mental state I must have been in when I told Lindsey to move forward or I’d run her over with the cart.  I was joking, honest. We were in the check out line and I was trying to add the things from the bottom of the cart to the moving conveyer belt and she was in MY way.  I needed to get home and dinner was way behind schedule and there were poster boards in the car for homework projects still needing lots of glue and glitter or whatnot added to them yet, and so time was of the essence.

What I failed to see was who was in HER way, preventing our forward progression.  There was an elderly gentleman, stooped over picking up pennies he had dropped in his hast to make way for us.  She stood watching him unsure what to do.  I said nothing to her.  She is nearly 13 and no longer a child.  Telling her to help the man would embarrass her.  It was time for her to figure it out on her own.

He was flustered as his fingers scooted the coins across the floor instead of picking them up.  He tried to hurry but the more he tried to be quick, the more his fingers refused to obey him.  He gave up and waved a leathery hand at them and smiled a worn smile at the bag boy and said “Oh well.  No matter.”  Lindsey dipped down and had the coins in her palm in seconds and shyly handed them to him before he could turn around.  Not once did the bag boy think to help the man.   But my daughter hesitated not a second.

The man looked up into her eyes and the surprise and thanks spread across his face in a grin and he bobbed his thanks to her as he backed out of our isle and disappeared into the rush-hour crowd.

At times like this, I always wonder…  I always wonder if only for a second… if those crinkled old eyes were the eyes of Jesus with skin.

As we sat in the car, shaking the rain from our arms and noses, Lindsey turned to me and said, “I really feel good inside.  I feel really good about myself.”  I asked her why?  And she said because they old man was so happy.  She liked the way it felt when she helped him.  They were just pennies, but it wasn’t about how much money the man had in his pocket…

What if we all picked up a penny the next time someone dropped one ahead of us?  What if we slowed down and weren’t in such a hurry… and said hi to the cashier FIRST because we cared AND made eye contact, asked the waitress how we could pray for her today as we said grace over our meal she was bringing us, told the frazzled mother of the rowdy toddlers that she really WAS a good mom, or the gas station attendant a simple thank you and meant it?  Sometimes it is the unexpected little “nothings” that make the biggest differences in someone’s day.  Like my daughter so clearly reminded me, it just feels good to be a light in the world, to be used by God in an unexpected way.

Try it – I’ll give you a penny for your thoughts the next time we meet.  🙂

Do NOT silence your cell phone!

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Admitting nothing – here’s today’s word to the wise: If you are prone to loosing your phone on a constant “now where’d I put that?” basis, do not, I repeat, DO NOT silence your phone to be kind to your 3rd-shift-sleeping-hubby. Calling yourself to find said phone is impossible.

On any given day, it’s not that big a deal.  Oh it’s annoying.  I think I will die without my cute little appendage attached to me so I am accessible to one and all, but truly, it’s not a big deal to be without it till my wonderful hubby would wake up and we can truly search the bedroom (which is the only room of the house left unturned in it’s entirety.)

But today I am expecting a host of critical calls and missing every last one!! It seems an evil joke to have lost the phone today of all days.  I am fretting and worrying and stewing and pacing.  There’s  not a single thing I can do about it but just let the day play out.  I could go wake  him for the 5th time and search again, but truly that wont find it.  I am gonna have to turn on lights and strip the bed down because it is just hiding and laughing it’s silent little head off in evil amusement at my agony.

As soon as Derek awakens, and I return home from the important appointment I will NOT have my calendar along for the ride for, it will show up magically and all will be right with the world.  But until then I will remain in my tortured state.

But never fear.  I have learned my lesson.  Never silence your cell phone.  Not whilst home.  In public with it safely in my purse where i can happily ignore said silenced phone?  Sure!  With pleasure!  But at home?  Where I am prone to set it down while doing 4 things at once and forgetting why I walked into a room in the first place, let alone why I may have moved the phone from where i keep it?  Yeah, it just aint gonna happen.

So there’s your tidbit for the day.  And in the words of the great Lily Tomlin, my phone’s gonna keep right on saying, “one ringy dingy, two ringy dingy,” and I will stay a happy woman!