The best gift was what I didn’t give…

Yesterday was Alli’s birthday.  She turned 11 and I wanted to pamper her with girlie things.  We had a “girl day” out with her sister and I, and we planned to just do the fun and silly things we girls loved doing.  I had shared with Lindsey secretly that I wanted to take Alli to the beauty college and get them both manicures.  They’d never had “real” ones before.  But as the day came around, money was tight and I had to choose to forgo it.

Lindsey was crushed.  She wanted Alli’s day to be super special.  We were getting Alli’s ears pierced for a gift and Lindsey had saved money enough for herself to get her ears done as well and even had a bit left over to get some extra fun earrings.  She came to me long after she should have been asleep the night before Alli’s big day and asked if she could treat Alli to a manicure?

“Really?  You want to spend that much of your money,” I asked her.  She nodded.  She couldn’t sleep thinking about Alli not getting to go, even though she knew nothing about missing out on it.

I have to be honest…  It was a proud Momma moment.  So instead of buying herself something with her money, she took her sister to the salon and they had their nails done together.  It was sweet.  But more over, it was selfless.  Even though she got a manicure too, it was huge for her to spend that kind of money on her sister.

There is no way the manicure would have meant as much coming from her dad and I.  Those two girls do their nails together more times in a week than those beauty school girls practice it at the salon…  it’s sorta their “thing” together as sisters.  By Linds treating Alli – it was far beyond anything we could have given.

It seems like often they fight like cats – but truly under it all, I know they love each other like no one else can.  They have been best friends (even if they wont admit it) since Alli was born.  Lindsey was just 18 months when her sister came to share her room and they have loved each other far more than they’ve had issues over clothes, toys, room space, and chore duty.

They are growing up into beautiful girls inside and out.  I am so blessed to have these two girls to hang out with, and to have them still want to hang out with me.  I know I wont be cool forever, but I hope when their friends aren’t looking, they still want to be around their crazy old mom.  They are 2 of the best gifts God has ever given me.

Happy Birthday Alli girl.  You may be my middle child, but you never have to fight for your place in this family.  You are at the center of our hearts and will be forever.  Middle just means surrounded by love.  I hope you always feel it and see it.

May God bless you in this 11th year of your life, and give you gifts I cant give you.  I pray he allows you to see the amazing woman He is growing you into with a glimpse of what’s to come.  You are amazing and I am honored to watch Him work out His plan in you!    🙂


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