Invisible Grace

They say there is no such thing as a real “super power” and that nobody can be invisible, but “they” are wrong.  Very wrong.

Gracie stood with a broom in one hand and a dust bucket in the other.  When she held these, and wore her invisibility uniform, she was cloaked instantly.  Her brown hair was tied back with a simple rubber band and her face was free of painted beauty.  Her hands were worn and matched the dirty white tennis shoes that were nearly scuffed through.  Life was not easy on her and it showed.

It was a beautiful day, the breeze gently ruffling through the token trees amidst the beautifully manicured garden beds sweet with color.  She moved unseen through the cement walkways sweeping up the tiny infractions that were not permissible.  Not a single head turned her direction and no one moved aside as they hustled on their way from shop to shop.  She was invisible.  A man nearly nocked her down as he blew by her and he looked back at her as if she were a rock he’d stumbled over and was confused.

Sighing she wiped the sweat from her forehead and looked up at the sky.  She wondered if God could see her between the white of the clouds overhead.  Did she even matter?  Did He hear her dreams?  Was this all there was?  She’d heard He had plans for her, but is this the only thing she could do for Him?  To sweep up gum and dropped candy wrappers?

A young mother struggled to carry her crying baby while pushing the stroller and corralling her two wandering children.  They were obviously hot and overtired.  She dropped a shopping bag and the contents went rolling down the gentle slope of the walkway.  She just stood there with the baby on her hip and watched as her things made their escape.  Gracie saw a flash of herself reflected in the woman’s posture and it shook her awake.

Hurrying over, Gracie set her broom aside and gathered up the straying items and put them into the stroller that was going unused.  She reached in her pocked and felt around for two peppermints she’d been saving.  Gracie asked the woman if  the two stragglers would be allowed to each have one candy if they promised to behave on the ride home for her.  She looked deeply into the woman’s eyes and saw her as only one invisible woman to another can.

The woman quietly nodded her thanks and smiled back.  The shock was obvious on her face and she truly looked back at her and saw Gracie too.  Like was like the woman waved a magic wand.  She was no longer invisible.  Gracie was real.

As the woman walked away the clouds rolled back ever so slightly and a cloudless sky began to move in.  Instead of feeling the sweltering heat, Gracie felt warm and loved.  She felt seen and heard.  For now, just for a while, she knew she was being His hands and feet.  Invisible and unseen people were all around her, she realized.  Gracie understood and knew the cloak of invisibility well.  She’d make it her mission to see those who were unseen if only to look into their eyes and smile.  And if that was all God did with her for now, it would be enough.


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