Professional Sock Skater

We have a tiny house, beat up hardwood floors, and one narrow hallway.  That is the reality I see through my adult eyes.  My kids, however, they see a speed skating track and a plethora of new obstacles to maneuver in their race to gain fame and olympian status.  I long ago quit yelling, “stop running” every time they moved past me.  They seem to have ONE speed and it is NOT slow.

Yesterday Drake was running and sliding in his socks. I was just about to tell him to knock it off in a very “mom-like” frustrated tone when his face radiantly flew by and he declared he was going to be a “professional sock skater because I am soooo AWESOME!”  What?  I guess it doesnt matter that it’s not really a professional sport.  Didnt really matter that it was a pointless goal or that in my opinion he was nuts.

I laughed and watched as he “practiced” his sport and declared himself to be the best sock skater there ever was.  I was jealous.  Yes, really. Jealous because I have so much fear holding me back in life.  I want to believe in myself that much, even just a smidgen, to declare to the world that I am not only “okay” but AWESOME at something.  He’s so sure of himself, so confident.  It never even occurs to him that someone would be better, or that it is an odd goal.

Professional Sock Skater.  Hmmm…  maybe I need to put on a pair of socks and join him.  Maybe whatever confidence he has will surge up from the worn floors and revive my childlike soul and give my dreams the momentum they need to soar.

Watch out world, I’ve got my sock drawer open and I too am going to become a professional sock skater!  You never know, I might just take that risk I’ve been holding out on and end up succeeding  🙂


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