The gift of a lifetime

Today’s my birthday.  Technically it is the day after, but since I have yet to get any sleep, I still say it’s my birthday…  so yep, Happy Birthday to me.  It was a hot scorcher of a day at 102 degrees and 83% humidity.  With our dying air conditioner, the coolest the “best” room in the house got was a muggy 88 degrees – and that was when I looked last at around midnight.

The kids wanted to get me lots of things for my birthday – from Build a Bear stuffed guys to lego creations.  They wanted to get LOTS of gifts which was sweet.  But I asked for what i needed – and was practical.  I wanted a salad spinner, because I hate soggy lettuce, and I got it.  I am not sure they are so amazed with it, but they acted excited to give it to me.  I got a fantastic card and they loved on me tons.  They may not think it is a gift of a life time, and it seems so small to them, but physical gifts were not what was on my mind this year…

As for the day itself, it was so hot we just did movie marathons and tried to keep cool with icy pops and cold glasses of water and sitting in front of fans.  I didnt heat the kitchen with baking a cake, but got the fixings for strawberries over purchased pound cake – and we had ice cream out at Culvers to celebrate the day of my Birth.  But that was not what was on my mind today either…

NONE of this is what made my birthday over the top.

What made it over the top was the gift of a lifetime I was given 37 years ago.  The gift of Life.

God brought me into the would and delivered me to an amazing set of parents.  I am humbled by the fact that these two people were such Godly and loving parents.  I was lucky beyond belief to have been given to them.  Then I gained a brother soon after and every single thing that went wrong and right in life from that point forward has worked to make me into who I am today.  Good or bad, I am who I am.  I hope that who I have turned out to be so far is a blessing to God, and that I have somehow made him glad He gave me life.

I now sit here blessed with an amazing husband (I often wonder how I deserve), 3 children who humble me daily, and a supportive network of friends and extended family.

I sat feeling very old this morning as I begin the year where my first born will become a teenager soon… She was over excited about my day and woke me at 3am because it was my birthday and she couldnt sleep.  I was bone weary tired  – but what a blessing to be here to experience it all.  She was so sweet and excited for me.  Surely I am not as old as it takes to have a teenager am I?  🙂

So many people hate to grow a year older… but what a gift it is…  Life itself is a gift and only God can give it, day after day, week after week, year after year.

Thanks, God, for life, for my family, and for another year.  I pray I can honor you in all that I do in the next days, weeks, and years that you allow me to be here.

Happy Birthday to me!


3 thoughts on “The gift of a lifetime

  1. adoptivefather says:

    Well, considering I am 3 years younger than you and have a teenager, yes it is possible. Of course, mine isn’t biological, but that’s beyond the point. I appreciate the centrality of God in your life and wish you many more blessed years of serving and loving Him.


    • Christi says:

      Thanks so much! I know I am old enough for teenagers- but I only feel barely out of my teens myself. It’s like I am faking this Adulthood stuff! LOL

      But thanks for your support! 🙂


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