My kids are driving me nuts and I am so grateful!

Yeah, you heard me right.  The kids are driving me bananas and I am thrilled.

I have just instituted mandatory quiet reading time so I can catch a few minutes of reprieve.  I was pulling my hair out trying to keep a lid on their insanity today.  They are over the top hyper and fighting.  But that’s okay.  Kid’s are going to push your buttons.  It’s even sort of their job in life.  All this talk of the Casey Anthony trial really has gotten to me.  People are blogging about it – chatting over the water cooler – emailing – and FaceBooking opinions.  For me, it’s not so much this one trial – and the hype… Lots of tragedy is in the news everyday of murder and children as victims.  With this one  it’s the smug and happy look on this mother’s face as she sits for her final session in court (knowing she is free to walk) there just to find out the slap on the wrist she will get for lying to the police – it’s simply nauseating.  I could never look so happy knowing my child was tortured and now dead.  In many ways I dont even care if she really did kill her baby girl or not, and if she is getting off scott free.  If she did it, she will be judged someday by the ONE JUDGE who counts, and is holding that sweet child in His arms now.  It’s the fact she can smile and be happy at all – knowing the grizzly details of how her child was found and the torture that baby went through in her last moments…  That alone would haunt me for life.

So as I parent my brood this summer, with kids seriously making me want to pull my hair out some days, I will simply smile and be grateful.  Why?  Because they are healthy, active, alive, and growing.  When I cant handle them, I will take a break.  But I will never, never, ever choose to not have them  here.  I will instead hug them and love on them and remember they are a gift from above.  No matter how trying, God will give me the patience to deal with whatever comes, if only I ask for it.

I am grateful for these three crazy kids.  With all the talk of this trial – it makes me want to make up for the lack of mothering many children, not just this one child’s.


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