Whopper fish stories and the ones that got away

He may only be 8 years old, but already he has a whale of a fish story to retell.  No, we didn’t spend the 4th on the lake catching fish.  We spent it at my parents who live down the country lane from a lake.  While walking past the boat launch with his dad, Drake talked Derek into putting his feet into the water to play.  He found “tadpoles” (aka minos) and wanted to return to catch some.  So not long after they returned with container in hand.  Long story short, instead of coming home with tadpoles, Drake “saved” some fish.

As hard as it was in my very UN-boy-ness to allow, I beamed with pride as I watched my little guy unflinchingly stooped down to retrieve 4 still alive fish from a tire rut where they had been trapped in high tide.  The heat was cooking them in the shallow well and he thought it important to save them.  So he got fresh water and scooped them up in his hands and thrust them into the cool waters of salvation.  I was proud of him because he was showing thought for the life of something, chose to do something about a problem he saw, and was showing maturity in not focusing on getting the tadpoles he wanted.  Maybe it sounds silly, but I was noticing how much he is really coming into his own… with ideas, thoughts, drive, and focus.

He took them back to my mom’s to show off, but then brought them back to the lake to release them so they’d live and not die.  While running around with his friend down the street, the tale got larger, cooler, and more heroic… but that’s what it’s supposed to do.  Every guy has their fish story – only HIS were supposed to get away  🙂


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