Like a foreign language…

Whenever I want to send a teacher a note and dont want my kid to read it on the way to school, I just write it in cursive.  It’s like it’s a foreign language.  I know I am old fashioned…  and that keyboarding is important – and more so in this age than when I was a kid – but really?  No cursive?  There is going to be a whole lot of confusion for a lot of years where this generation will not be able to understand the handwritten notes of anyone older than they are.  It’s gonna be a long time for cursive to die out of usage for all of us who do it on a daily basis from shopping lists to Thank You notes.  Then there is the fact that no handwriting means no signatures.  How does that play out?  Print them?  Might as well be placing an X on the dotted line…

My daughter had a beautiful note sent to her via a teacher this summer.  She told her how proud she was of her and it was something that should have produced huge smiles and pride.  Instead she just shrugged and said it was “nice”.  I looked at her and then asked – “what did she say?”  Caught!  She had no clue.  None.  She could pick out the letters that looked like printing – but that was it.  I had to read it to her.

When I told one of my girls about the new change in the Indiana curriculum,  she turned to me and said, “then you will have to teach me, right mom?”  Yep – I guess so…  because as silly as it seems, I do think they need to know it.  And sadly, not many parents are going to take up the torch and teach their kids the curvy and loopy writing.  If nothing else, I will teach them to read it.  That is the most important.

So no rant – no crazy woman raising a ruckus – just a sadness that there is no time to teach the things that seem there should be… and I wonder why we cant teach new things like keyboarding right along with the old like handwriting.  The argument is that there is not time.  I know that there is hardly time to accomplish all the things they teach our kids now… but I just think it is a sad day when the loopy curves of handwritten notes will become a thing of the past, and blocky sloppy handwriting or cold emotionless typeset will replace it for all time.

…Except for my kids.   They will be secret keepers from their kids, too – and have the ability to write unreadable notes that hang on their fridge where their kids can’t read them, right under their very noses.


3 thoughts on “Like a foreign language…

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