In the Image of the Father…

With a flash, the entire room was lit up, creating devilish shadows in every corner. Thunder roared like an angry beast as the rain beat the earth unmercifully.

She lay curled in a ball at the foot of her bed, under the covers, with all her most precious stuffed animals. Sweat beads dripped off the small girl as she lay in fear, silently praying her pleas to God for protection. She wanted whatever was out there to go away, she cared not where, just that it go away and to do it NOW!

With the next flash and ear splitting crack the small girl leapt from the bed and was running. She ran to the one thing that always made everything okay. No matter how big or how small.

As she rounded the corner, she prayed a quick child like prayer and stood shivering with tears still fresh in her eyes. She looked up into the caring eyes of her earthly protector, storm calmer, and hurt healer… her Daddy.

She looked up at him as he slowly folded his newspaper and lay it beside his chair. He smiled a slow and sweet grin at her. His eyes were warm and understanding. He reached out his arms to her. The small girl quickly crawled up into his safety and instantly forgot about the storm.

“I love you Chrissy,” he whispered as he kissed the top of her forehead, his fingers dusting her bangs from her eyes. She lay back against him and listened to his heart beating in a steady rhythm. It calmed not just her fears,but also her very soul.  He took her hand and gently traced the lines and patterns that made her unique.  He took her thumb and made slow circles upon it.  His hands were so much larger than her tiny ones.  

His warm embrace, gentle touch, soft words, and soothing acceptance of her in her darkest moments wrote upon her heart the love of her Heavenly father, so that she might recognize Him someday in her darkest adult moments; amongst the storms of life.

Her little heart had the foundation of what to search for, and what to find.  She would carry it with her forever.  It was a gift given that only he could give her.  If only all little girls could receive this precious gift, what a different world this would be.

God bless the earthly fathers who reflect their Heavenly Father’s loving arms. And God bless my godly earthly Father for the love he has shown me every day of my life.



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