Back it up – Detours are dead ahead

We had a garage sale this past weekend and it was a raging success.  I wont bore you with annoying details of the prep work, the massive prayer that went into praying the rain away – (which God granted so graciously) or even give yawn inducing rundowns of the sale itself.  But I absolutely must share one side note…  one that seems to grow more and more vivid and inspiring with time.

As the sale was ramping up to it’s fever pitch around 11am on Saturday, we noticed a nerve racking situation happening with regularity in front of our house.  There were 4 sales within a 4 house square and the traffic was getting nuts.  Both sides of the streets were lined the whole block with parked cars leaving one single lane to drive down.  When people came up from both sides of the block, they met in the middle about where our house was.  They would come nose to nose and NO one wanted to be the guy to back up.  NO way!  More cars join them and so there would be a line of cars behind the ones shouting at the other to back it up.  We wondered if we needed to call 911.

Fists raised these crazed garage sale shoppers met in front of their cars, spewing lewd comments, steam boiling from their ears, and growing more and more enraged by the second.  It was a bit scary.  At one point a crazed woman on her cell phone, unwilling to wait another second, lunged forward, hitting the car in the parked lane and took off down the street never to be seen again.  I sat there and was shocked.  People!  There is enough junk and stuff to go around!  CALM DOWN!!

Just because the desination you plan to go to is straight ahead does not mean that it’s the best direction to drive.  Sometimes a detour will get you safely to where you need to be.

Whoa!  Did I really just say that?  UGH.  Yeah – even a stupid garage sale can teach me a life lesson.  It’s been coming at me from all angles lately.  I feel like I am nose to nose – heading toward my desitnation straight ahead, unwilling to back it up.  The way I planned to get to the answer straight ahead is NOT the way God has chosen.  So now I can either back it up and take a detour, or sit miserably screaming about it.

God can have a reason for making us back up and take a detour when the end destination is right there, in plain sight.  Only God can see the traffic patterns from above and know the best route to take to make it SAFELY to the end point we are praying to reach.  He always has our best interests in mind, even if it seems He’s steering us away from that place.  I have been stuck and refusing to see past the tip of my nose.  I don’t want to hear that I have to figure out a new way to get to the place where I don’t live daily in this pain induced fog.  I am sick of thinking about it, trying to figure out what to do next, and just wish this whole blasted Chiari Malformation thingy was some bad dream.

But God is asking me to surrender my will.  He’s asking for me to back it up, to move aside, and to turn it around.  He is recalculating the route.  While He is changing the direction I move in, he is not changing the destination I arrive at.  If I can just get over myself, my need to control things, and allow myself to be led, I will reach that destination a whole lot faster.

So here I go… backing it up.  I’m turning around, and headed a new direction.  I am grateful that He walks beside me and no matter what direction I go, he’s already one step ahead, paving the way, making a way where there seems no way.  Moving mountains so that His glory can be revealed in the end.


What do you think?

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