Seriously? It just keeps ya laughing…

“Mommy!  Alli is spitting her gum smell at me.”  Quote of the day via Drake .

Seriously?  There is NOTHING you can’t tattle about these days.   I somedays have to keep from laughing when it’s the ridiculous such as this recent whiny plea.  But somedays no matter how silly, I just want to scream STOP!  Ever been there?

Dad – Mom – Okay, I finally give in.  You win.  You got exactly what you hoped for.

I received three very energetic, enthusiastic, stubborn, and even a bit willful children.  They ARE doing exactly what you hoped they’d do.  They are shooting some payback my way for all the insanity my beloved baby brother and I brought into your lives.  But I ask you, did you only pull your hair out, or did you have to catch yourself from laughing too?  Did you have to turn away and hide your grin?  Cause sometimes it truly is just stinkin funny.

Anyway, I was thinking about how blessed I am with these three wonderful children.  I thank God for them daily.  I hope Derek and I can raise them properly.  We are gonna try our darnedest.  Every now and again I truly wonder if we are getting it right or wrong.  Then there are days like last week where I think it is more right than wrong.  Well, at least they are knowing when they do something wrong.  That’s a start…

My son says to me he was pretty sure he was going to be getting grounded “soon”.  He stated it matter of fact and preceded to hand me a book to read him before bed.  I asked if he was planning to do something wrong.  No.  He assured us he wasnt planning anything.  But he had that LOOK on his face.  Every parent knows the guilty look.

“So what’s up?”

“I’m getting TLC” (which means The Learning Center at recess for not completing a homework paper)  Oh really?  Why I ask…  Well, Isn’t it precious that it is for the homework he is choosing to not get out of his book bag now that it is 8pm at night and he knows I will get frustrated at him not being responsible for it earlier when he was running around playing instead.

Soooooo – yep.  He did get grounded, no Wii the next 3 days (as this is his third “bad choice” of this nature) and he got the opportunity to do the homework with me past bedtime instead of at school – and loose out on the reading of a bedtime story.  SUCH a mean mom.

But you have to laugh – when your kid matter of factly states “I’m pretty sure I will be getting grounded soon.”  It’s obvious they know the rules.  Something must be getting through!

And so it goes…



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