Knee to knee – before the Throne

They sat knee to knee.  Her head was bowed and her spirit was fragile.  He wrapped his strong arms around her put his head down to hers and they sat together bowed before all of Heaven and began to pray.  Her breathing was soft but he could tell she had tears.  He lifted her up before the Father and prayed over her with a strength that was both calming and awe inspiring.  She drew courage from his words and from the answers of peace already flowing down upon them.  She always had chills the minute the first words left his mouth, “Father, we come to you tonight together.  I want to lift my wife to you…”

They were not sure where to turn, where to go, or what to do… so they did the only thing that made sense at all.  They simply came together and gave it all up to Him.  So many twists and turns had taken them down one path and up the next.  There was nothing sure or certain except that they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that God was in control.

So she sat wrapped in his arms and relaxed for the first time since the day began.  She relaxed because she knew that her husband would walk beside her every step of the way, and that God would lead those steps.  And in that there was a ray of hope enough that the darkness retreated back to the corners where it belonged, and the light took it’s rightful place in the center of their world.


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