Dancin in the “Deep End”

As most things do these days – small everyday things become life lessons to me.  Maybe I am just more in tune to hearing the messages being continually sent down, or maybe they truly are coming in greater numbers right now, but either way, I find it amazing that a simple trip to the pool can refresh me on multiple levels.

First up – the surface level…  It was a blazing 98 degrees today.  It was 90 by 11:30 so we headed to the neighborhood pool to take a dip.  Our air conditioner was trapped in the back of the garage by all the items slated for the garage sale.  We were dying!  To my defense when I began going through things i was wearing two sweatshirts and still freezing – so an air conditioner just didn’t register on my radar.  This was just a few weeks back, so it’s fair to say it wasnt ALL my fault we are currently and constantly dripping with sweat.

Anyway, I digress…  a dip in the pool.  I have a wonderful habit of bringing a novel with me to the pool and sitting out and watching the kids romp in the waves made by the hot masses that collect together each summer under the hot rays.  I take occasional dips, swim a bit, and then get out to repeat the read/dip routine.  Today?  TOO hot – so I did the dip part straight away.  The kids are now official fish and swim in the deep end constantly.  They have grown so tall that the deep end is now something they can touch in.  Drake is not quite as tall yet – and has a hand-me-down life vest that he loves to wear.  He straps himself in and joins his sisters and loves every minute.

Today I joined them and we had a ball.  Drake came to me and gently held ME in an embrace and said , “Dance with me Mommy,” in an all too grown up voice – and together we rocked and shimmied to the overhead music piped through the outdoor speakers.  We really boogied and he held my hand and put his arm around my back.  His face had a glow and he seemed to grow by years.  The water kept him floating at shoulder level with me and he easily dance to the music and rolled with the waves with no problem.  He was my height.  Outside the water this still 7 (though nearly 8 ) year old boy would never be able to look into my eyes and whisper into my ear as we danced.  It was a moment now frozen in time I will treasure forever.

Tonight as I put him to bed, he said to me, “Mommy,  dance in the deep end with me again tomorrow?”  You bet your life on it baby boy.  You got yourself a date.

As I sit here, I am washed anew with the thought of my Heavenly Father…

Sometimes the heat of life feels like it is nearing 100 degrees and there’s no relief in sight.  I am anxious to take a dip in the refreshing waters, but when I dive in head first, even the refreshment can feel like I am left struggling on my tiptoes and barely keeping my head above water.  And just when I think I cant do it another moment longer, He steps over and lifts me above the waves, puts His arms around me and dances with me in the deep end.

No matter how hot, deep, or wavy life gets – God is already there, waiting to turn the struggle to keep my head above water into a beautiful dance.  I just have to remember to reach out my arms and let him take me in that embrace.  To let him wash over me the songs my spirit needs for upliftment and and refreshment.

So thanks, my dear son, for reminding your mom that dancing in the deep end is for more than just the hot afternoons in the summertime.  Tomorrow looks more promising tonight, and for more than just another dance with my boy.

As always – I invite you to keep posted in the future here:  http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/christicampbell


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