Treasure in the treasure box

One day Derek and I were wandering.  We ended up in a book store and they had a sale on very small pocket bibles.  I picked up one for each of us.  They were $5 each and a version we didn’t have at home.  I thought they’d be a nice purse/pocket version.  I did’nt stop to think about how SMALL the print would be and my eyes are WAY not cut out for that size print!

But I digress…

Drake was impressed with Derek’s bible.  It has a black leather cover and fine engravings covering it, the pages are edged in silver, and a detailed cross is etched in the center.  It’s a very nice bible.  Drake decided he wanted to have it for his own.  When Derek wanted to know what he wanted with it, and why he wanted it so much, Drake’s answer?  He wanted it for his super special wooden treasure box in his room he keeps all “treasures” in.

Ah yes.  Sweet boy – the word of God IS a special treasure.  You are so right!

Sometimes it takes a child to remind you of what’s right under your nose.  I may have to go pick up the one I can actually read the print of, and doesn’t have a beautiful cross on the front, but the words are just as beautiful inside.  Thanks buddy, for reminding your Momma what a beautiful gift and treasure we are given with the living and breathing words of God right here at our finger tips!


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