My best friend… BUT 70X7

I have a friend, but I call her my sister.  When I was 16, Unn came to America to stay with my family.  Over the course of the year she became as much my sister as any blood could make, maybe more.  I say more because I chose her, and sometimes you are born with family you’d choose not to be.  I claim to be one of three kids – because I am – and my Brother and I remain close to her to this day.  She was my maid of honor in my wedding, keeping her promise made as girlhood friends, traveling back here 3 times till this past summer our families met again post babies and all played together.  When she arrived, she opened the car door, sucked in a breath and we both ran, crying and sobbing.  It was a long, deep, hard hug.  Grudgingly we released only because there were more family to greet and introductions of our children to be made.  But time never erased our hearts knitting…

I have a friend.  Her name is Babs.  After Unn left I rarely let my heart stray far from me.  I had learned not to love deeply because we moved often as a child, and the eventual leaving would create a deep wound.  It hurt too much when Unn left. So I guarded my heart more conciously after.  But with Babs I made and exception. God led a wonderful smiley gal into my life and I am so much the better for it.  She is by far one of the only people in the world that can know me so completely that I only look at her and she seems to already know.  While words aren’t needed, we are too talkative to let that get in the way.  It was a God given friendship from day one, and I know that’s why it was so perfect.  But then she too left.

She left to become a missionary overseas.  One day, when she was supposed to be half a world away, one of the kids asked why Babs was coming over… I said she can’t just come over, but there she was coming up my walk.  She’d kept her homecoming a secret just so she could do THIS to me.  I ran out side and we both started screaming and crying and never let go. My poor husband rushed dripping from the shower wondering who was hurting his poor wife in the front yard!  Yes – we were that intense.

Why do I tell you these two stories?  Because I had an amazing dream.  I woke feeling alive as if I’d been asleep my whole life.  I had known all that was in the dream, but never FELT them as completely.  He gave me these two images and then said 70X7.  I sat up and my heart cried out.

God wants a relationship with us.  He wants the “best friend” experience with us each day – to be the first one we tell the news about whatever to, the one we run to with our tears, our complaints, our joys and our excitement.  He even sent his son to die – TO DIE in OUR PLACE – so we’d be made clean – so that Heaven was an option.  Jesus is our advocate.  He’s the one who will stand before the throne on Judgement day and put his arm around us and say, “Hey dad, it’s okay.  She’s with me”.  We all will stand before that throne, but the question is, will Jesus say, I got this one covered, I already paid her debt?

Jesus is the best friend every waking moment I chatter to.  My inner voice?  It often is just me talking to Jesus.  I rarely talk to myself.  What’s the point in that?  If I answer, then it’s just me spinning my wheels.  But talk to Him?  He can answer and guide me, even without my saying a word.  He can do that because when I have no words, I can just offer up my heart and the groanings when nothing else to utter.  He is the ultimate best friend – always there – always has time – always willing to go along for the ride – always up for the challenge.  He is like a best friend, only 70X7 – there is no describing the difference …and my mind can not even wrap itself around it.

So on the day I enter heaven, I pray long after my work here is done and I am old and VERY wrinkled, I will look into his eyes and start to run and cry.  It will be a sorta sob that takes up your whole being because you’ve missed your best friend’s hug so perfectly surrounding you as only can be done in person.  Just like I have emails and the occasional phone call to my girlfriends, it’s the live version that seals my heart’s longings.  I can not imagine how perfect that embrace will be.

I am excited to know that while my girlfriends are close and far away at different times of my earthly life, Jesus is with me continually… but one day we will all be together – perfectly, and in person.


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