On waves of rolling thunder

Today was perfect.  It was perfect not in a storybook fashion, but in the kind of way where your heart replays it over and over and little things that seemed so almost forgettable begin to stand out in ways you’d never think they would.

For instance, we came home from church and ate a small lunch, changed, and headed off to the zoo.  It was a “free” day because we were still working off of our last year’s pass purchased in July.  (Note – if you buy it mid summer, you can stretch and get 2 years of zoo time out of ONE membership purchase – for those thrifty friends out there)  Anyway, I digress.

On the way to the zoo, Lindsey wanted to know who’s idea it was, Dad’s or mine, to go to the zoo.  She then thanked me for the idea personally.  Drake chimed in his thanks for a family day and Alli said she thought we had been needing one.  I cant tell you how blessed I am to not only have kids who are almost 8, 11, and 12 who not only WANT family outings, they THANK us unprompted for them.

As we walked into the zoo, Lindsey – my 12 year old, slipped her hand into mine and silently pulled me close.  At the time I didn’t think too much of it, but as we walked, and she didnt pull away or run ahead for anything, it began to warm my heart.  I looked down at the top of her golden red head and knew this moment was a keeper.

Drake was a keeper of another sort – the one who held the map …and had us nearly running to catch up.  Alli was increasingly frustrated.  She wanted to take time to see things and not rush.  So i lagged behind and let her look and not feel alone.  Those moments were precious.

There were awesome chances to see things we never see – and the kids took note.  They decided it was because it was a Sunday and we really were gifted with good animal time.  They were active, it wasn’t hot, and they got to see majestic things like the lions walking around and holding their heads up high.  Alli fed a giraffe for the first time, and we saw the orangoutangs actually looking happy and active!

But the zoo day was just the tip of the iceberg in family time.  I was bushed.  I couldnt move a muscle once i got home.  Every part of my being was in pain, so i lay on the swing outside and tried to chill out.  Derek, after walking the entire zoo – took drake not once, not twice, but three times over to the school – across the subdivision, to practice his bike riding.  Derek taught him the confidence TODAY that he needed to fly!  So we took the last walk over of the night about 8pm so he could show it off to mom.

At one point he lay his bike down in the middle of the parking lot and came running into my arms.  I asked what was up – and he said he was so happy to be showing me his new biking skills.  I gave him a spinning around hug and told him I was so very proud of him.  How much longer will he want to run into my arms and amaze me?  It did my heart so much good, my soul was alive!

Beating the storm home we buttoned down the hatches, got bikes put away, and got ready for bed, storm style.  Curtains are open, and windows cracked.  We are teaching the kids to love the beauty of the power of God vs be scared of the storms.  They love watching the lightning and hearing the thunder.  They are learning…

So as our children drift off to sleep, on the waves of rolling thunder, the song in my heart is “How Great Thou Art”.

So much of me – and the upcoming month feels like a brewing storm – I can hear the rolling thunder, but I also see how Great and Mighty God is.  It is amazing and wonderful to be in the front row for such a personal show of just how strong and capable God is, in all things.

May you be blessed…


Here is one of my personal favorite versions of the song – with Vince Gill and Carrie Underwood…


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