A light note of IMAGINARY nature

My son was given the task of crushing the cans.  He was in the garage with a host of cans we’d saved and had friends save for us to recycle.  There were no exact words I could hear from my post in the kitchen of doing dishes, but I did hear an incessant string of dialog of which there was no breathing.  He was quite literally having BOTH sides of the conversation.

I gathered the trash and took it outside. I startled him quiet as I opened the door.  He just kept crushing cans, not saying a word.  I asked if he was talking to an imaginary friend.  He looked at me quizzically and questioned what that was.  When I finished my explanation he just said “OH”, like I was nuts.

“What,”  I asked him?

“I got two ‘imaginary’ brothers, but NO, no imaginary friends.”  His eye roll was all the ending i needed.  Pardon me!  How was I supposed to know they were “brothers” he was talking to, not friends, and that there were TWO of them for heavens sakes!

In the midst of the insanity, it is wonderful to cling to the silly and normal things in life.  More than ever before, I am loving every minute of life with these silly kids of mine!



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