Chocolate – a grown up version of a band-aid

Sometimes chocolate can fix everything and sometimes it is merely a wonderful distraction. But it is ALWAYS well loved and enjoyed!

I went to the store today to get the scripts I was out of from the pharmacy.  The plan was to walk in and grab them and walk out.  But as I waited in line, I heard the faint calling of a dear friend.  It was calling me from over to the left.  I looked, but then my turn was next so I focused my attention on my script.  (Why do we have to use our birth dates for these things, by the way?  Cant I just give my dad’s mother’s cousin’s name or some silliness?  I loathe this)

Anyway, I digress…  so after I was done, I started to leave when I again heard my friend calling out to me.  This time a grin came to my face and I made a bee line across the store.  How could I have even wondered?  Of course!  It was my dear friend, Chocolate!

Okay, so I admit it.  I am comfort eating in the midst of this blasted walk I am taking.  I am trying to be strong and I am trying to be all I was designed to be from the day I was born – but sometimes even grown ups need the comfort of a useless band-aid to the boo boo of their hearts.  I by no means am advocating reckless self medication through eating binges.  I am just simply saying that those danged Swiss Cake rolls and amazing fudge rounds REALLY wanted to come home with me and who am I to tell them no?  It would be cruel to say no to them, would it not?

I know… I am being silly.  I wont eat this thing away, wont even try,  but a bit of chocolate now and again sure can make me forget for a moment the pain that made me want to put the chocolate band-aid on in the first place.

Dont preach at me…  I wont do it forever.  But for today, I needed a Swiss roll, something sweet and innocent from my childhood… and I gave in.

What is it about chocolate anyway?  It doesn’t exactly fix anything, yet it does such an amazing job of distraction.  And to top it off, no matter what you face, if you can face it with a smidgen of chocolate on the side, maybe you can even face it with a smile.  Is that what they mean when they say it’s like a little bit of heaven?

If chocolate is a tiny piece of heaven… I can only imagine the intensity with which Heaven will overwhelm me!

I think I will pop this M&M in my mouth and ponder on that for a while  🙂  Silly ??  Yes.  Enjoyable to ponder?  Yes.  I will save the seriousness for another day.  For tonight I will simply relax.  (and have some chocolate!)

Have a good night all…


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