Gave everything – to prepare a place for us

Hands lifted, heart crying out, tears flowing, broken and humbly I bow…  kneeling before the KING!

I am worthy of Heaven only because this amazing man came to earth, long before I was born, to give up his life so that I could have mine.  It is unbelievable, yet it’s true.

Each spring, new life springs up from the dead and seemingless lifeless branches and roots.  It reminds me of Easter and the amazing life that sprung forth from the grave.  There is no tomb that can contain the life God offers!

One of my (many) favorite songs is “That’s why we Praise Him”, and so I want to share it with you as an Easter Gift.  Raise your hands in PRAISE! (even if it’s not what you do in your church) – because Easter is like OUR SuperBowl Sunday.

If you’d jump or shout, raise your hands in excitement because your team just won – Do it for Jesus – because HE just won the final touchdown.  He won the final game – The battle over the grave – and WE are the victors who are asked to share the trophy of ETERNAL LIFE with Him in heaven!

May you have a blessed day.  This Easter morning may be forecasted to be rainy and dreary, but nothing can dim the radiant light bursting forth from behind the clouds, for He is ALIVE – Alive forever more!


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