It never ends – which means there WILL be payback!

I love my brother.  I do.  No, I mean it.  I love the guy now that he is all grown up and not stalking me, spy like, in annoying little brother mode while I try to hang with my girlfriends.  Okay, so I loved him then too…  it was my appreciation for him that was severely lacking is all.

Now he is a grow up man.  A kind, respectable, loving man.  He’s an adoring uncle, a wonderful father, and a great husband.  But still, in the days when he travels home from his WARM and annoyingly seasonable Texas residence, (while it is sleeting and raining here in Indiana as I write this, and is about 39 degrees on this 20th of April… UGH)  he finds new ways to remind me that the little brother is not that far removed.

Christmas is a wonderful time of year… but it is also the time of year my kids get to spend the most time with their beloved uncle.  They adore him.  The fact he is the only uncle they have may have helped them choose him as their favorite, but that is of no matter for what I address here.  He loves to take the time he has with them to remind them of “classic” moments of mine in our childhood, and to teach them some of his more creative ways to annoy his sister.  He bestows this upon them as the “gift that keeps on giving” – all year long.

This time?  It was one song.  One tiny and simple song.  Maybe you’ve heard it… if you have, I am so sorry to begin to send the  annoying and never ending song spinning through your brain!  But you must understand, misery loves company!  So I must share it with you.  He taught my three kids to sing, “The song that never ends.”

It goes like this:

This is the song that never ends, It just goes on and on my friend…..  someone started singing it not knowing what it was, now they go on singing it – simply just because….. This is the song that never ends, it just goes on and on my friend…  (and just keep repeating it and repeating it and repeating it till someone, somewhere -in this instance, ME-  goes stark raving MAD – and only then does it MAYBE end, with victory to the song singer, of course!) 

It is my kids new favorite song.  They LOVE it.  They giggle and think they are so adorable and amusing.  UGH!!!  (dont tell them I think they are, in spite of the annoying song they sing!)

And just in case he forgets – I have a long memory.  I dont forget.  So when those precious nephews of mine, ages almost 4 years and  the newest little guy at 5 months, reach the precious age where making mom and dad crazy- just for fun??  You guessed it!  Their beloved Auntie Christi is gonna teach them a wonderful song and encourage them to start and end the day with a beautiful serenade!

I love my brother dearly.  I do!  But there will be payback, my dear and beloved Bro!  It’s waiting for you!

Just you wait!  😀


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