Sometimes easy, sometimes hard, ALWAYS worth it

I’ve no idea what’s come over my 7 year old son, but I’m hoping it sticks for a while.  Normally his activity level has three settings: fast, top speed, and a reset setting of dead asleep.  Nothing is between.  When putting him to bed, he zooms everywhere with sound effects trailing behind his lightning-fast speed, but after the last hug and light is switched off, it is nearly guaranteed that if I walk past his room to tell his sisters to stop whispering 5 minutes later, he’ll be sound asleep.

So when these last two weeks started to play out, I assumed it was an off day.  He was cuddly and sweet, and asked me to take a nap with him.  The fact he woke with flu the following day at 2am – well I assumed it was cause he was coming down with that nasty bug.  But here we are two weeks plus later, and he’s still chummy with his dear ole mom.

As I sit here at my kitchen table, in this tiny turn around room with table that seems to barely hold the 5 of us, my son sits at the back of my laptop screen playing with his “lego mini figures” (note that these are NOT lego “guys” as I am in the habit of calling them – because many are not “guys” but girls, aliens, and who knows what…)  Anyway, I digress.  He sits here beside me, with a vast array of Mini Figures and little ships and vehicles, incessant sound effects, and a never ending imagination that often takes my breath away.  He hops up and zooms off to who knows where only to return seconds later, sliding into the kitchen on stocking feet, to continue the amazing episode of this imaginative play session.  It’s a loud one, and I adore it.  It’s the soundtrack of my life.   And while I often tell him to take it down a notch so his dad can continue to sleep for his third shift night schedule, I never want him to actually stop.

So last night?  He asked me to cuddle with him in the recliner and “relax” with him.  It was a long day he said.  I had to grin.  His day may be full of worksheets, math lessons, and recess, but to a 7 year old, yeah, maybe it was a long hard day of learning to him.  Since I was a bit bushed myself, it was not a hard stretch to fulfill his request.  He climbed into the chair with me, wedged between the arm of the chair and the pooch on my lap, who’d felt the need to join in, and actually sighed an audible and contented “ah”.  I asked if he was happy and he told me, “yup” and followed it up with a squinty eyed, lopsided freckled grin turned up at me.  He asked to watch a taped episode of MONSTER Bug wars – and while I find it vastly creepy, the warm cuddles were enough to talk me into it.

These last few weeks he begs to have stories read to him at night, and always wants lap time for it. He will back into my lap if I am sitting down for a forced hug, and he always pouts when I put him to bed because he wanted “one more” hug and somehow the last 5 I’d given him didn’t count.  These are things I treasure in my heart.

There are days I think I will pull every last curl out of my head. Really.  No exaggeration.  Those days?  I don’t want to forget them either.  No really – I want to remember it all, honest.  Not long ago we had the DRAMATIC lesson via legos that “borrow” was WAY different than “trade”.  Usually when an event like this happens, the girls will give in and reverse whatever trade happened so that their brother will not cry and get upset.  THIS time mom stepped in.  It was time to not get what we want by using the baby brother card.  We went over it -over and over AND OVER- and with much tears and drama, and eventually learned that trades are permanent.  If someone liked the trade, then they were under no obligation to do another trade back.  The “but it’s mine!” doesnt work because it’s now THEIRS!  Tough lesson… but it’s a life lesson well learned with a lego guy – er- Mini figure, vs the big stuff later.  We now dont do trades unless well thought out.  Check one thing off the parent-to-do-list of lessons that need taught before the kids leave home.  I was sooooooo tempted to just demand the retrade  and then refuse to allow any more trades ever again EVER.  Would save me stress and headaches, but it would do them any good.

Okay – so yeah, this is a long blog about nothing in particular.  But I want to remember the good, the hard, the cuddles, and the mundane.  All of it together equals a life spent raising my kids.  And as much as it is often hard, it is also very good.  I am so honored to have the chance to raise 3 amazing kids up into strong adults ready to tackle the world at large.

Now pardon me while I go and watch some of a Wipe-Out TV show that’s on the DVR.  I’ve been requested again.  It’s time for a cuddle with my boy  🙂


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