Backyard Heroes

There is always danger lurking around each corner, down the block, and under a rock. But never fear – this duo team is ready to pounce! Nothing gets by them!

Nothing is more magical than springtime… but maybe, just maybe, these two give it a run for the money. With imaginations running high, swords drawn, and schemes to overpower the evil forces that lie unseen; lurking, waiting to strike when the time is right, these boys are more the stuff of legend than reality. While they are chasing evil down, we – the neighbors who are unsuspecting – can go about our daily lives with confidence and without fear. We know we are in good hands. 😀

If you’ve never had the privilege to watch two 7 year old boys protect a neighborhood, you have missed out on one of lifeʼs greatest joys. They are wild at heart, free, and confident. It is beautiful. Spring’s beauty is not just green grass and colorful flowers. It is a restrained winter soul unleashed. It roars loud and clear! Spring is here!!  The boys have no clue that some of us are irritable with this year’s spring, and its finicky ways – the constant backtracking into cold temperatures and frosty mornings.  Where warmth is lacking, courage runs high.  Maybe the next mission these two should seek out is to wrestle Mother Nature from her lazy slumber and kick start her into motion!  She dare not mess with our Backyard Heroes!



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