She was tired, broken, and weary.

No one could break through her darkness.

It was overwhelming, stifling, choking.

She couldn’t breathe in this pit one more day.

Clawing the walls she desperately tried to find a way up,


to break free.


He saw her need, her pain.

He stopped, stretched out a hand.

He waited for her to be ready to claim His strength.

Her pit could not hold Him.

Clinging to Him she rose steadily upward.


He’d bought her, fought for her, paid the ultimate price.

She was free and clear,

had only to say yes.

Grace was His gift,

Free to all who were willing to take the hand outstretched.


Changed life forever for the taking.

Offered always,

There waiting,

For an outstretched arm

To accept.


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