“Not responsible for their actions”

Sometimes I can’t help it.  I cant keep a straight face to save my life.  Today Drake was tired.  He couldnt seem to even open his eyes.  He turned over and grunted when I came for him the third time.  When i pressed him, he opened one eye only, stretched out long and tall, and said, “My eyes aren’t obeying, I’m not responsible for their actions.”

I could not hold it back.  I gave it the good ol’ college try, but I started belly laughing.  He opened both his eyes and said gruffly, “It’s not funny!”  Sorry son, I begged to differ.  I started tickling him awake and we began the day with both of us laughing.

Sometimes I wonder who this boy will be when he is a man.  How will this mind work, what will it accomplish when he is all grownup?  He amazes me daily and has managed to keep this house in stitches from his first moments without words and those precious tiny words he had as a tot.

His amazing blue eyes and the smattering of freckles keeps me on my toes.   I am trying to save these crazy moments up in my heart for moments later.  I know he will grow fast…

(Sept 2008 journal entry)


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