Which side is God on?

Alli (then age 7) was getting tucked in bed and asked a simple question,

“What side is God on?”

I had no idea what she meant.

We went round and round with me trying to figure out what she was trying to say.  It just did not make sense no matter how hard I tried to understand.  Was she wondering if God was on some “good side” vs a “bad side”?  I didn’t “get her” as my girls often say.

Then she said, “Is he over here, or there,” as she emphasized by pointing to one side of her on the bed then the other.

“You mean is he beside you?”

“Yes!” she answered exasperatedly.

“Well honey,  I cant tell you that for sure. He is with you, that I do know.  But I cant tell you exactly what spot.”

I was going to go into an explanation of sorts, a little philosophical,  but she cut me off with a sad and dejected look as she turned over to face the wall.

“Honey what’s wrong?”

“I wanted to give God a hug Good Nite!” she said a bit loud, and teary.

“Oh!  Well God will feel your hug if you give yourself a big squeeze, sweetie!”  I rushed to comfort her with a dawning  understanding.

With that she hugged herself tight and the light returned to her eyes.

I kissed her good night again and knew that this conversation would play itself out again and again, because that is Alli’s way.  I tucked it away in my heart so I would be prepared next time with better answers and an understanding of where she was at.

I cherish the beauty of young faith and it’s sweet flavor on the lips of a child.

From my journal – June 2008


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