Does this mean I’m a villain, or just look like one?

It’s about 6:30 in the morning.  That, in my book, is an hour when if I am being a sane and nice mom – it is mostly because God has granted me some extra patience and love.  I am usually a tad frazzled at this hour, having been up for well over an hour if all went as planned and am busy getting kids ready for school … and it should be noted that I usually have not yet  had a cup of caffeine.

So when my beloved 7 year old son takes a long look at me, sticks his face right up next to mine to examine it more closely, squints his eyes a bit, then leans back thoughtfully… well, I decided to take a breath in before asking him, “what?”  I thought I was ready for whatever he would say, but I was wrong!

“What are all those lines around your mouth?”  He traces one of the lines along my face gently with his finger.

“Those are laugh lines, because I smile and laugh so much,”  I reply and smile sweetly at him to show him  how the happy creases and wrinkles have a reason.

“Hmmm, well it makes you look like the Joker from Batman,”  he says seriously.  I am agast!  What!  Before I can reply, he continues on, “You really should buy some of that  cream they have on TV that erases wrinkles, because you are getting a ton of them.”

Derek is no help at all.  NONE.  He begins to laugh a belly laugh that is unrestrained and he has tears in his eyes from the effort to stop.  Drake looks a bit confused but is happy he is making his dear father laugh so heartily.  He asks what’s funny, and repeats various quips it to see which part is the funny part.  It is obvious all of them are funny since the room is filled with laughing children and one weepy father.

I hesitantly ask him if I am like the silly joker or the scary one – as there have been several renditions as of late.  Oh, goodie, he answers that I am the silly one.  At 6:30 in the morning, in my robe, untamed hair, and caffeine deficient state, he could have easily said the scary one!

Oh yes, you have to love the honesty of children.  They keep you humble!  And the good part here?  I only LOOK like the joker, but I am still a good Mommy,  anyway, I am assured of.

Well THAT is a relief at least.  My wrinkles are not hindering my performance of my job title.


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