Naps, dates, and good ol hugs with laptime

At first glance it may seem that I am eluding to some cuddle and alone time with my beloved hubby.  And while I do love that, and lately have been basking in some wonderful moments together with him, THIS time I am referring to today’s moments with my three kids.

I was told today that I was embarrassing to my son.  It was bound to happen sooner or later.  He IS 7.5 now and working hard on being 8 before his birthday hits (because he WAS alive in my tummy after all…)  HA…  But I called him “cute” at church and I guess that was the wrong thing to do.  He did NOT hold my hand in the parking lot on the way to the car after that.  He usually does.  Ah well.  But later after lunch was done and put away, he asked me, “Mommy, will you nap with me?”  Now I love a good Sunday afternoon nap, but NEVER has he ever asked me to nap with him, and not on a day he could run and play outside.  I looked at his pleading eyes and told him yes, absolutely.  We cuddled in my big bed with cozy blankets and a mound of pillows.  He wiggled into a spot where my arm was draped over him and the dog was nestled in and sighed sweetly.  He stroked my face and I told him I was sorry for embarrassing him today.  He told me I needed to just remember to do that stuff at home, not around people.

I grinned – at least he still wants affection and to be told he’s loved and yes, even cute.  It just has a time and place  🙂

Alli has been wanting alone time with me and I found the perfect spot to take her.  She is so excited to have girl time together, just us, and I am looking forward to it as much as she is.  We set a date for next weekend.  We will do lunch, a dessert, and look around at horse stuff and treasures.  She is my country girl and she has my heart for horses.  I am thrilled to share her passion for something and to support her in it.  I know she can run with this and do great things.  She wants to do horse therapy with kids when she grows up.  She’d be fantastic at it!

And Lindsey, already working hard on becoming a teenager as her 6th grade year winds down…  sometimes i see a girl, sometimes a young woman, and every now and again… the glimmer of the woman God intends for her to be.  She can switch from all three and back again in the blink of an eye.  Tonight she came out from getting ready for bed and backed her way into a hug on my lap.  I treasure those.  She lets her guard down and lets me see inside to the little girl who is trying hard to grow up.  I am so proud of the woman she is working to grow into.  We have a date soon to go on too, and it will be completely different from her sister’s.  We will focus on something she loves and is good at.

I am so blessed today.  I am counting my blessings.

While this was a post begun with my kids in mind, I cant end without my biggest blessing of all, my husband.  I don’t know how I would get through life without him.  I treasure our daily chats as we reconnect after having had a day, stealing a kiss the minute he walks in the door from work, watching him play and tease our children, and tinker with the cars and his motorcycle in the garage.  I love the smell of grease on him and his rugged stained hands.  I love how his eyes crinkle when he laughs or when he’s thinking something ornery.  I love how he lives to make me laugh out loud.  But most of all?  I love that he is mine.  All mine.

Thank you, Jesus, for this wonderful family you have bestowed upon me.


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