Time-Machine Refrigerators that hold a zoo inside

I was at a doctor’s office supporting a friend last week and made a spontaneous choice to ask the delivery men in the waiting room if I could steal two of their 30 boxes stacked in the hallway.  The office was getting new chairs for the waiting room and the boxes were nearly as big as a refrigerator.  I knew if I brought a few of those home I would be a hero for a couple weeks!  There’s nothing my kids like better than a clean, new, uncut box.  It is a world of possibilities and new adventures.

I was not disappointed when I picked them up from the bus stop.  Immediately they wanted to know what the flat boxes stretching out over the back and across the length of the van were “for”.  I said, “They’re for YOU”.  Their faces lit up like it was Christmas morning.

They raced to get chores done in record time so we could bring in a box.  They talked, argued, agreed, then declared “HOW”  I was to cut the box.  The first box would be a Time Machine on one side, a refrigerator on the other, and oddly would eventually hold many zoo animals in due time.  Never in a million years would I have come up with this idea – nope not ever.

I listened from the living room as they played and played, creating dialog, adventures, whole worlds, and near disasters averted through the use of this said box.  I am always amazed at their creativity.  We don’t forbid our kids from watching TV or playing video games and getting on the computer.  These are valued and beloved times in our home, don’t let me fool you… but my kids will willingly choose to run and play and make up whole new worlds if given a choice more times than not.  They never asked to turn on a TV or Wii game that weekend.  They just wanted the box.  And that’s saying a lot, because they are only allowed to do the Wii on weekends.

Out in the garage is a second box.  It’s waiting for the one in the back bedroom to be a complete wreck.  It’s still holding up and next comes the strapping tape which will give it a new lease on life for at least another week.  I figure I will get a full month or more out of these 2 free boxes.  It’s a perfect time of year to have time machines and zoo animals living inside a deep freezer, because penguins like the cold, dont’cha know?  It kills the boredom of a long winter that wont go away, all while inspiring creative kids and helping vent their energy in positive ways  🙂

Are you pulling your hair out?  Call around to the grocery and retail stores…  grab a couple of boxes and let your kids go wild.  Let their imaginations take over and maybe even give you a much needed sanity break!


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