The wordless love note…

I walked into the bedroom to get ready for bed and there on the bed was a beautiful love note.  I grinned ear to ear and felt my heart soar.  My husband had left it just for me, and knew just how to speak to my heart without a single word.  That’s right, the love note was without a word.

Before you can understand, I have to back up a moment.  My husband works third shift several months in a row as he rotates on and off the different shifts as the demands of his job dictates.  For now, it’s third.  That means he sleeps when the world is awake and works while most of it sleeps.  What this means to my coveted, retreat from the world, aka “the bedroom”, is that it is in a constant state of sleep or having just been slept in, rotating between our two sleep schedules.  BUT I STILL treasure a freshly made bed piled with pillows to retreat to.  I love to sink into it with a cup of chai, a good book, and sigh contentedly as i steal some alone time amidst the craziness that surrounds my day and reigns supreme so often in this tiny house.  It just doesn’t happen often anymore with these rotating schedules.

Don’t get me wrong, third shift works for family life; as he’s home for homework, dinner, cub scouts, family movie nights, and runs to the grocery store.  It’s great to have our family together after a previous work schedule that kept him from participating more than 15 minutes a day max so many weeks in a row.  But still, I miss him at night and find it hard to even go to bed some nights.  I am restless.

Back to the note… It truly doesn’t make much sense to bother to pull up the covers on the bed for the few hours in which it is actually vacated…I know that.  As silly as it sounds, it calms me to have one place to go in life that is quiet and calm.   Recently my husband discovered just how much it means to me to have this one sane, chaos free zone.  He knew my heart, and so without a word he made the bed up complete with my beloved cherry colored pillows atop the smoothed out chocolate comforter.  He did it not because it made sense to do, but because he wanted to let me know he sees me, loves me, and wanted to make me smile.  He wanted me to know he thought of me today.  There were volumes of love in the pillows he placed.  I felt amazingly loved.  Yes, it’s just a made bed to anyone else who entered my room.  To me?  It was a love note written with elegant handwriting.

It’s the little things that make all the difference sometimes.  These are the seemingly small details that make the trials that come more bearable.  I hope that in the course of  my day-to-day life I to am sending little love notes to my husband in the same manner, wordless and clear, telling him that I love him more than ever before.

Thanks, honey.  I love you!


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