Spring is Coming – Cause Dead Skunks Dont Lie!

If you live in the city – or even just in a larger town, you may not have a clue.  Seriously.  City folk don’t know how to see the true signs that never lie, those signs that prove spring is around the corner.  Oh they can notice the longer days and extra sun.  They can see melting snow and HOPE!  They can see flocks of birds and declare they are sure it must be spring coming… but they miss the true sign that proves spring is around the corner.  They miss dead skunks telling tales to all who pass – they have never smelled those hope-filled declarations lying in wait just around a country corner.  Nope.  City folk are clueless.

“Are there any other Joys or Concerns this morning,” the pastor asked his small congregation one snowy Sunday morning.

“Yes sir!!”  One lady rose to her feet and with a smile spread wide on her face she declared loudly, “I ran past a dead skunk yesterday!”  All around her friends and neighbors began to clap and nod in approval.  Dead skunks dont lie.  Dead skunks only mean one thing… spring. To a city folk, the skunk’s smell is putrid.  To these country farmers and families, it’s the smell of a blessed spring lying in wait.  Winter has lost it’s icy grip!

Oh there might be more cold, and even more snow, but the biggest part of winter is past us now.  We are on the far side of things, not the early side.  I have faith!  Cause dead skunks just don’t have cause to lie!  🙂


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