Love, Life, and Monday…

So I was walking down the isles of the grocery store, again, and at nearly every turn they managed to find a unique way to add Red and White foofy stuff to an endcap or hang items in otherwise mundane shopping areas.  Yes my dear friends, it’s nearly Valentines Day.  To my son, who lives life from one major holiday to the next insignificant one in between, he’s actually counting the days down till Monday.  There are exactly 5 more shopping days till you miss the mark and forget to get that beloved lover a heart shaped something.

Now I am not trying to add hype to an already materialistic day.  But it did give me reason to amuse myself as I walked down the isles.  If I was to make a card, listing all the things I love about my beloved’s (namely my husband and kids)  what would it look like?  Hmmm….

I love the way my husband can make me laugh by flaring his nose during serious times (like the middle of church for instance).

I love the way my son laughs till he hiccups when truly tickled.

I love the way Lindsey, my first born, crawls into bed with me and snuggles up without a sound on saturday mornings.

I love the way Alli throws her head back and laughs with abandon.

I love cuddles on the couch with Drake when he forgets he’s too big to want Mom’s lap.  LOVE girl days where getting a hot chocolate with me is like the ultimate reward for my daughters.   I love stolen “dates” after the kids get off to the bus – in the middle of the week – at 7am.  I love sleeping in on Saturday mornings and hearing the sounds of my three kids happily “sneaking” in a few games on the Wii while Derek and I cuddle up for some alone time.  I love the warmth of my little dog curled up in the nook of my knees as I catch a quick nap on a Sunday afternoon.  I love the ruddy cheeks of my children as they come inside from the cold on snowy afternoons. I love the sounds of Lego people visiting Lego made towns on the floor of my kid’s bedrooms.  I love stolen kisses, lingering glances, and whispers in secret.  I love quieter days like today where I’m left to my own thoughts for more than a few minutes in a stretch.  I love cups of hot chai and warm gooey cookies.  I love that THESE are the things I will remember, not the stress that is all around me…

I could go on and on.  Should I?  Would I bore you?

I write this not to list it for myself.  I have replayed this and many more like these over the last few days.  Guess I am being nostalgic for whatever reason.  But instead I write this as a challenge.  Whenever you see the over hyped holiday fare next time at the store, just start counting the things you love about your family, your friends, your life.  Ignore the materialism and remember to tell someone something you love about them.  You’ve got a few days left, and no need to buy a single thing    🙂

I’m sure you have as long a list as me or maybe much longer!


What do you think?

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