Super Bowl Winner 2011…

The game is only in the 3rd quarter, but I already know the winner.  No – It’s not that I am rooting for one team and I’m a bit high and mighty in my predictions, nor is it a total walk of a game and over before it’s half over.  No, it’s more a case of what’s gone down around here that makes my predictions so sure and true.

My 7 year old son climbed up into his dad’s lap and shouted at the TV and the “football guys” to “COMMON!”  He was trash talking the players of which he knew nothing about.  We are truly a Bears family here – but as Drake said tonight – “There’s Packers in our blood, so thats who we’re rootin for”… That’s right, this night’s for you Uncle Art.  🙂

The girls settled in to watch a game they have never showed even a 10 minute interest in the rest of the season.  We gathered round with bowls of Mac and Cheese, Chili, and Cokes.  We ate way too many chocolate chip cookies and “Death by chocolate” ice cream.  We laughed, we cuddled, we tickled, (to which my son says, “there’s no tickling in Football!” as he begged for mercy)  and we were a family.  And happily my children looked at me with odd looks on their faces as they heard the half time show before we sent them off to bed.  The were unimpressed and that is a good thing.  A very good thing.

So the winner is ME.  The winner is the Campbell house.  The winner is ultimately – family time.  There is never going to be a time I get tired of watching my son crawl up into the recliner with his dad, completely sure of himself and his assumption that his dad wants to have him in the nook of his arm.  There will never be a time when listening to the laughter and giggles of my girls gets old.  Before I know it, the kids will have to drive home with spouses and the grandkids to have a Super Bowl party – or it will just be me and the hubs, and maybe even the two of us going off to some party with friends.

But while I am at some cool party, I will be remembering Super Bowl 2011 –  where we really didn’t much care who won, but we sure did have a winning game.


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