If you close your eyes…

I was sitting doing bills at the kitchen table and leaned over and put my forehead down on the only clear spot in sight.  Piles of bills according to who got paid when, urgency, and lists of budget flow charts and income figures were arranged in a way that only I understood.  No one breathe or the organized chaos will quickly fall apart!

With my head down on the table, I took a slow deep breath in.  I let my heartbeat slow and my mind go blank. The brilliant frozen-blue winter sky was just outside my window and the sun actually warmed me  The top of my head started to pleasantly bake and I could see the cheery summer sun in my mind’s eye as I sat there soaking up the rays.  The longer I sat there the better I felt.  Is it possible to just not open my eyes and stay in this warm cozy place for a while?

In the sun, life seemed manageable.  In the sun, problems melt away and I’m enveloped by a feeling of peace, contentment, and joy even.  In the sun, I feel like I can do anything.  What is it about the sun that makes me alive again?

As I lay there, head down, defeated in figuring out all that needed done, the Son, himself, began to shine down on me and I began to feel alive again in new ways.  I didn’t have to figure it all out.  He would cover me.  He would provide.  With Him, I COULD do anything, because even though I sat at that table alone, surrounded by the weight of earthly cares, I was really  not alone.  And as much as the things of this world stress me out, none of it is the real point in life.

With this in mind, I lay still and basked in the glow.  I was sitting at His feet.  The sun and the Son were shining down on me.

If you close your eyes and sit in the sun, you can pretend you are somewhere else.  But I found that sitting where I was – well, that was exactly the place I wanted to be… right there in the center of His will for me, and the plans He had waiting.

And for today, the prayer on my lips was in thanksgiving for this blessedly warm sun through my window…


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