Snowday misunderstandings…

Today is a snowday.  Apparently that is not “cool” enough for my 7 year old son, who heard a lot of hyped up talk at school yesterday.  Now it’s true that so far, so far, the newscasters have correctly predicted the first wave of this “epic” storm.  It’s also very likely there will be much more snow to come over the next 24 hours.  So this could possibly get very “memorable” just as it is.  The kids are thrilled beyond belief.  But to Drake, well he wants the whole memory maker experience… and his Wii games too.

“It would be sooooo coooooooolllll if we lost electricity in this storm!”

What?  WHAT?  What is cool about freezing, the inability to shower, cook, and eventually probably flush toilets?  Hmmm?  I am so darned grownup these days.  (Yeah, it was bound to happen eventually.)

“Drake, dear sweet boy, what is exciting about loosing electricity?”  I wanted to know what was in that small redheaded brain of his.

“We’d have to use candles and flashlights…  we’d have a bunch of blankets and all of us would sleep in the livingroom so we could be together!”  Okay, hmmm…  so was that it?  Was that all he was wanting?  Cause I will turn out the lights tonight and use flashlights, candles, cozy up with said blankets and even sleep in the living room – and trade that for my heat and my hot water, and the ability to make hot yummy ham and bean soup!

“Do you know that if we lose power, we have no heat, no yummy things to eat, and (gasp) no Wii, computer, TV, or Netflix?”

The boy looked up at me with a blank face and scrunched it up a minute.  He paused long and hard, and then said, “Well, never mind then.  I changed my mind,”  and went back to playing a power driven device.

Funny how a little information goes a long way.  HA!  Now let’s just hope the storm gods didn’t hear this small boy’s declaration and we don’t have to experience this storm HIS requested way!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Snowday misunderstandings…

  1. Richard Lee Pettys says:

    Weather channel says this is the one he’ll talk about for years to come. I still have my doubts. Thanks for this “window” into what’s going on in his head and your house. Excellent as always.
    Had a lady say after church Sunday, “Your daughters newsletter article was great, Bill’s article and your article were good too” she added as an after thought. I knew what she meant! Keep writing.


    • Christi says:

      Ha! Nice to hear feedback from the newsletter! That’s funny!
      Thanks – and I think the “blizzard” was a bit hyped – while 10 inches is nothing to sneeze at, it’s definitely not 2 feet!


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