The Woman

She wears black high heels a bit too large. They slip and clump un-lady like as she walks in an attention grabbing way.

Her skirt is a bit too snug, coming well above the knee, making the heels more pronounced.

Her hair is flipped back in an air of confidence. Her face determined as she marches down the sidewalk.

She flashes a grin revealing both a missing top and bottom tooth giving her a pumpkin look.

She does not see the eyes on her, nor does she care about the judgments made in haste as she strides past.

Would she be so bold if she was thrust in front of a mirror?

Ah! I hope so!

To have the confidence of a 7 year old woman,

bent on changing the world,

even if just for a moment,

one more time!

From my journal – (July of 2007) – about my daughter Allie, whom I admire greatly in her bold and courageous heart!


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