Painted fingers, priceless memories, and unbreakable bonds…

It’s true.  There may have been more professional jobs done before, but never have any given me as much pleasure as this one does.  I currently am sporting two individual manicures.  My left hand is a whole nest full of hatching chicks popping from their shells, with cute little orange beaks and cracked half egg shells as given to me by my 12 year old and my right hand proudly displays pink and purple ladybugs complete with spots as done by my 10 year old.  They practice at these new creations what seems like daily.  They love to do nails and this house smells like a nail salon 6 out of 7 days a week.

Tonight the boys went off to Cubscouts together, so we girls stayed behind and did girl things.  We ran to Bed Bath and Beyond for some trinkets I needed, stopped by Starbucks for a hot cocoa, and back home for manicures.  $10 bucks got us a girls night out, and all the giggles we could belly up.

It’s true that some will look at me oddly as I check out in the grocery store tomorrow or maybe at the dining hall where I will have lunch with my Grandma.  Some may think me a tad silly, or maybe they will knowingly smile a secret smile that says they’ve had tween daughters before too.  But no matter what, I will proudly show off my happy nails.  It will remind me all day, and in the week to come, what is really important…  the time I spend with my girls, doing what they love to do.  It’s what will build the bond that I hope endures for years to come and will get us through the tough days.  I hope that giggles over nails will someday pave the way for the courage to come to me when painful times come into their lives, and protects our relationship when the teen years threaten to demote me to un-coolest parent of the year.

I hope they remember these days over the ones where I fail to remember the important things, when I instead focus on the stresses of life or on getting my ToDo list done.  I hope these evenings mean to them what they do to me.  I loved watching them proudly create the artwork I will wear.  I am grinning ear to ear, thinking of Alli girl’s laughter at my silly head bobbing and lame dancing to the music which Lindsey was playing on her iPo… and chuckling as Lindsey sang along with the song, word for word, as only a carefree girl can.

Tonight was worth 10 times what I paid out.  I am so very blessed.
Love you, my sweetie girls!  Please try not to grow up too fast.  I am not ready for these days to end any time soon!


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