Wednesday+ICE=Productivity FAIL !

There was a day when it would have stressed me out to have the whole day put on ice – literally!  The unexpected snow-day, or ice-day rather , took me by surprise.  The news downplayed it, so I had no idea.  Derek slid home from work early this morning and I wondered if we’d simply be delayed or canceled.  I had a long day planned, full of work, errands, and the last of a long ToDo list. None of those things can be accomplished by being home.  None of them.

But what CAN be accomplished is a wonderful lazy morning with no guilt, cause I CANT do all those things I had planned.  I CAN have a quiet afternoon while the kids play Legos and challenge each other on the Wii.  I can eat wonderful hot creamy cheesy broccoli soup paired with yummy asiago cheese bread.  I can make sweet treats for my adoring and excited children.  And I can choose to enjoy the beauty of the sparkling snow and glazed rooftops.  BBQ Pork chops are slowly simmering away in the slow cooker making the house smell wonderful and cozy.  (and making me hungry again!)

So MY ToDo list has not a single thing marked off of it – but GOD’s ToDo list for me today is getting plenty of attention.  Hmmm – Actually, I think I like His list better anyway.

Now, what yummy treat do I want to go make for my kiddos?  It’s gotta be something with chocolate in it!


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