With Love…



As I sat and absorbed the knowledge of Grandpa’s transition into Heaven, something washed over my spirit. I had begun to feel the message earlier today, but it became vivid to me tonight.   This day became more golden to me when I listened to the way God sees today.  Today Grandpa and you, Grandma, now share a birthday. Yours to be born of the flesh and given life by God and Grandpa’s into the spirit and to eternal life. As hard as that is, what a beautiful bond for you, a couple of 68 years to share.   It is one that will continue to bless you, I pray, in the days ahead.  

Just like we were joyful in welcoming Emory Howard into this world, on the day he was born so recently, I know all of Heaven is rejoicing of Howard’s triumphant birth into eternal life. What a glorious Birthday today truly is!  

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t let the tears fall in our earthly sorrow, but Grandpa is dancing today in joy.  I can almost see his grin and hear his laughter.  That’s where I will keep my eyes trained.

I love you, Grandma!  You are in my constant prayers.

Your Tinnie girl,

wpid-howards-2010-11-18-19-53.jpg Howard with little Emory Howard – his namesake and newest Great Grandchild born just 6 days earlier.


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