Victory over the Sock Monster

A pile of children’s socks lay rolled into neat little matched pairs next to me. I like order. So the MOUNTAIN of unmatched socks that lay left-over had me seeing red. Where did the matches all go? I once went on a sock hunt, (maybe more like rampage) when I decided to tackle the basket of socks that had no partners. I cleaned closets, drawers, and under beds and in toy boxes all in search of the missing mates. They simply weren’t there! Where did they go? Seriously?

I knew there had to be better ways to deal with the problem of matchless toe warmers. If they weren’t going to be used for the purpose they were created, then it was time they did something. I put my pile to work for me. Since I know I can’t be alone in my sock dilemma, here are some ways that are tried and true, and not the standard “make sock puppet” ideas:

  1. 1.DUST RAGS. I regularly use them as rags and they make it surprisingly easy! Stick one over one of those disposable swifers and let it act as a cushion, or just use your hand. (Especially great when dusting nick nacks and small objects) I use sock after sock and when I’m done I toss them in with towels and rags to wash. Attach one to the end of a yardstick with rubber bands and it cleans hard to reach areas between fridges, stoves, washers and dryers. Clean mini blinds in a flash as well!

  2. 2.DRINK COZY. Sweating soda cans and travel cups, especially when in the car, can leave water in drink holders and drip on hot summer days. A cute little mismatched sock can dress it up and keep it cool. Cut the foot off and you’re ready to drink in style. Kids love this on water bottles. Keep the foot on a small child’s sock and add drink boxes or pouches for great travel carriers. It’s easier for little hands to hold than a slippery pouch.
  3. 3.COIN PURSE. I was at a trendy shop the other day and saw a cute tiny sock with a zipper in the top and it was sold as a coin purse. I thought – I could do that! Add some fashion ribbon strung through with a large needle and create a drawstring. The girls love it!
  4. 4.BEAN BAGS. Make fun socks filled with beans or even left over beads for a game of toss or tick tack “toe”.
  5. 5.SLEEPING BAGS. We have lots of beanie babies, web-kins, small little dolls, and tiny stuffed animals around our house. Socks make perfect little sleeping bags for these critters.
  6. 6.BANDAGE HOLDER. Sometimes ouchies are big and can’t be fixed with a little Band-Aid. Put a non-stick gauze pad over the wound and cut the top off a sock to the right width. It will hold those pads in place without using a lot of tape that can stick to skin. You can also use them to keep small icepacks in place.
  7. 7.BOO BOO BAGS. Need a good way to put something cold on a bruised knee? Fill a sandwich baggie with frozen peas, ice cubes, or a use an ice pack and put it into a sock. The sock will keep a layer of material between the cold and your child’s skin, but give the relief needed. It also helps while melting not to get the wound or Band-Aid wet.
  8. 8.WASHING TOOLS. Great for kids to use to wash bikes, toys, and outside playthings. Have them pick a couple for their hands and fill a bucket with sudsy water. Need more cleaning power? Put a sponge inside. They will have a blast cleaning up outside!

And on and on – so next time the sock monster strikes your house – fight back!
YOU can win, too !


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