A saving mistake

I screw things up on a daily basis some weeks – and I thought one of those mistakes was permanent. I know it sounds lame, but when my computer crashed and took with it my blog site, and the backup appeared to be lost as well, I walled up and pouted. I grieved the loss of over 3 years of a writer’s life. It may sound trivial to some, but to a writer, the loss of these blogs was like cutting out a vital organ or limb. I just stopped writing. Then this summer i finally got over it and began again, but a wounded limp of a blog was begun here. I could never recapture the years of watching my kids grow, of what happened in the world around me as they grew, and the love letters i wrote to my future adult kids as I blogged the funny or profound things they said or did.

But today i found a mistake – an accident – and my heart is so full! I accidentally backed up my blogs! I made a copy when i was trying to do something else and had no idea I had even done it. I was trying to fix a problem and found my blogs! How wonderful is that?

My heart is full, happy, and even though there is a LOT going on in life right now that is hard, trying, and not so fun… I walk a little lighter because the gifts to my three kids is in tact, and I can still someday give them a treasured look at their youth, through the eyes of their mother, in the moments they lived it.

Thank you GOD for mistakes! Saving and wonderful mistakes 🙂


What do you think?

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