Falling Blessings


Today the kids ran around in the yard raking leaves, jumping, raking, jumping, over and over.  They had a blast!

Sometimes I think I need to do this too with my spiritual yard…  ever thought this?  Have you counted blessings lately?  I’m not sure why, but as the kids were running around and the leaves were raining down from the trees, sun cascading through the branches of the trees overhead, I was struck by it.  The blessings in my life right now are as numerous as those leaves are.  Sometimes I fail to see the falling leaves, sometimes i feel more of the sticks poking out of the leaf pile than the soft bed of gold and reds… but they are there if I look for them.  There are days I am too tired to look for the falling leaves.  Maybe you are too somedays.  I dare you to do something!  I dare you to rake those blessings into a pile and really look at them, see how big the pile gets… then dont be a grown up about it. Go lay in them, throw them in the air, twirl beneath the falling leaf blessings and shout for joy as you run through the pile kicking them about.

The kids have the right idea.  It’s time to wallow in the blessings, to cover up so only the tip of our nose shows, to breathe in the sent of it, and giggle uncontrollably with joy.

You may not be able to run out into your front yard today and jump into a leaf pile…  But you CAN cover yourself with the blessings that HE is bestowing upon you – the ones that can cover you all the way to the tip of your nose if you let Him!


What do you think?

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