Couch Spud to a 5K girl…

        wpid-alliandmom-2010-09-27-12-44.jpg Allison and I – Spring Break 2010

I think I am officially nuts! Don’t say you’ve known that for a while now…be nice will ya?

A girlfriend from High School challenged me to run a 5K race with her on Thanksgiving day. My knee jerk reaction was to say, “Are you nuts? Who in their right mind runs a race on Thanksgiving?” It’s the official pig out day of the year! I started thinking, and whining, and finding lots of excuses why I couldn’t do it. Then none of those excuses held water… so I was forced to admit I either say yes or say no, but I had no reason to give other than the one i wanted to give.

So that left, “why not?” The only thing I could come up with was that I was simply a lazy-ass-couch-potato. Jen solved that for me by giving me the link which is “Couch potato to 5k in 9 weeks”. There are exactly the number of weeks needed to train for this thing left before the race begins. So now i had zero hard and secure excuses to give…

So I faced up to the challenge, put on my brave face, and said with hesitating gusto that I would do it.

Something tugged at my insides after i ran my first leg of the training sessions. Alli tugged at me. I don’t know why, but i felt like I should ask if she wanted to run with me. So I asked her. Alli – well – she simply puts me to shame. She approached the same race with enthusiasm and as if I was asking if she wanted to go out for ice cream with me. I was ashamed of myself. So still hesitantly, i began to allow myself to absorb her excitement and to own it for myself.

So yeah – guess what? Alli and I are going to run a 4 mile race – a bit more than a 5K race, still a small race by a runner’s standards – but a marathon according to ours. We are going to train to run our hearts out the same day some people train to eat more than any other day of the year. It’s called the Galloping Gobbler. After three training sessions together, Alli and I are becoming a team. We are learning to stride together and fight side cramps together. We use a program downloaded to my phone that tells us when to speed walk, when to do spurts of running then walking, and when to cool down. The goal is to learn to run for 30 solid minutes. We will get there by the end of 9 weeks. I know we can do it! Can you believe I just said that? Yeah, Ms Wimp has confidence she can do this thing! Actually, I know we can do it because I believe in Alli, her infectious enthusiasm, and in my accountability to both Alli and Jen. I don’t want to disappoint Alli, and I don’t back down from a dare well, thank you, Jen, very much – so here we go!

Week one – Done! Tomorrow begins Week 2! It’s gonna be great! (Keep telling me that okay!) HA!



3 thoughts on “Couch Spud to a 5K girl…

  1. Mitch Harper says:

    We look forward to seeing you at the Gobbler bright and early Thanksgiving Day at the University of St. Francis. We are adding live music this year to the live turkey and the costumed mascot turkey.
    Folks can find information at http://www.Fort


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