On Deadline

Update – this blog was published in Fort Wayne’s Parenting Magazine in the September 2010 issue! My first published articlewpid-dsc_6454-2010-06-5-10-341.jpg

I was working away, on deadline mind you, and the clock was annoyingly consistent in it’s ticking away. I needed to finish up this script and get it sent out and I was stuck and couldn’t’ seem to end it well. I had piles of laundry stacked up in the back room silently calling my name, and dishes spilled over onto the counter. Dust bunnies were planning an overthrow of my sanity, and don’t even get me started on the bathrooms. Normally I do a much better job of keeping it all rolling smoothly, but this had been a crazy work week and more had popped into my email inbox than normal.

Above me hung a homemade sign that says “ON DEADLINE” and under it says “Mom is at work! She is NOT here! Seriously!” This was the way the kids knew i was in WORK mode. My kids seem to assume if they see me, I’m all theirs. Being a “At home working mom” is confusing to them. My son came to me and tiptoed over, knowing by the sign not to disturb me,so he stood to the back of my chair and silently watched me.

Okay, so maybe that shouldn’t have annoyed me, but it did. I wasn’t going to be done in the next 3 minutes, so why was he standing there waiting for the imaginary magic bell to ring so the sign would come down? I sighed heavily, and audibly I might add, and turned to him. I wasn’t frustrated at him really, just at the fact I was not done yet and the clock wouldn’t stop it’s annoyingly accurate progression forward. He looked at me apologetically and teary eyed. I looked down at his hands and they held a book, a new book, and I already knew the question his big blue eyes held. I looked at his tousled red hair, his smattering of freckles, and was struck by the thought that nearly tore my heart out. I was on a bigger deadline than I knew, and it had nothing to do with the marketing script I was currently writing.

I pushed away from the computer with a knot in my throat. I opened my arms and smiled at him and he clambered up onto my lap and snuggled in. “The girls were busy and no one wanted to read me my new book I got from the Library today,” he explained. Fact is, the boy could read, and read well. He could have read the book to himself for the most part, but he loves to be read to.

Kindergarden is over, and my boy will turn 7 in just a month. When will he come to me and ask for a book to be read for the last time? Will I miss the opportunity to cuddle him on my lap? Will I be too busy to read him that story and whisper in his ear? Time is ticking away and for now he still finds that Mommy kisses are not gross and he still reaches for my hand to hold when out in public. He still wants to sit on my lap when we watch a movie and he rushes home to tell me about his day. But time is ticking away. He will grow up. The first thing to go may be the books, then the kisses, I will surely become embarrassing someday, and he will get too big for my lap.

I opened the book and began to read, treasuring my moment with him. I knew I would get the marketing script done, but it would have to wait. After all, I was on deadline… my boy was growing up and nothing is more important than capturing these moments before the ticking of the clock takes them away.


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