Home to Her

This is the 2nd in a pair of short “flash non-fiction” pieces.  They were written to compliment each other…

The first piece paired with this is “HER EVERYTHING.”  Link –  https://ditchingthemasks.wordpress.com/2010/04/10/her-everything/

He moved slowly, stretching. His back and legs ached from a long hard day of work. He knew he had to loosen up – and somehow gain energy. He shook himself awake and adjusted in the seat. The trip was nearly over. Just 20 more minutes and he’d be home.

He thought about her. She was his everything, his reason for living. She put the wind into his sails, gave him a reason to keep going. The days were long, and the driving longer. The days at home with her were short and random, depending upon the demands of his job. But he rarely complained of the hours or the work. It was worth it to be able to provide for her.

He pulled into the drive and turned off the ignition. She did not see he was home. It was dark outside and the kids would be in bed already. He could see her through the kitchen window; standing at the sink doing dishes long after the day should be done. He sat and watched her. She was still striking after years of marriage. Time had done nothing to wane the desire he felt stir at the mere sight of her.

He watched her turn and put something in a cabinet. She moved rhythmically, in tune to music playing in the background of her world. He loved to observe her, drink her in, admire the blessing he’d received the day they said, “I do”. He still found himself not believing it was really true, that she said she would take HIM for her whole life long, and to forsake all others.

He could not imagine what she saw in him, but he had no problem remembering why it was he said he would take her…

He grinned as she began to sing to herself, dancing as she scrubbed a pot in the sink. She filled his heart with joy. She could even manage to make dishes enjoyable. She made all of his life enjoyable the same way.

A smile, a touch, a teasing look… it was all it took to change his dour day from humdrum to over the top. How was it he was so lucky?

He climbed out of the car, and made his way to the house. He quietly opened the door and snuck into the kitchen. She was still dancing to the music on the radio. He grinned and slid in behind her and enfolded her in his arms. She jumped at his sudden presence and then relaxed effortlessly into his arms in seconds. She was content.

He turned her around and she grinned and threw her arms around him. They wordlessly danced together and let the beating of their hearts speak for them. She hungrily demanded his mouth and he gladly took possession of her passion.

To come home to her, like this, every night; the long days simply melted away. Her embrace was all that mattered. He drank in her scent as they slowly danced in the tiny kitchen. The music faded away and the beating of their hearts sang its own song.

His energy returned, if only in his heart.

He was home.


Her Everything

This is the 1st in a pair of short “flash  non-fiction” pieces written for a writer’s site I submit work to. These two were written to compliment each other.

The second piece paired with this is “HOME TO HER.”  Link  –  https://ditchingthemasks.wordpress.com/2010/04/11/home-to-her/

His eyes crinkle as his soft lips turn up in an amused half grin. He then throws his head back and laughs out loud with abandonment. His eyes dance and flicker like firelight as he reaches out and tickles her into submission. This is her prize, her reward, the one she seeks after with all her heart. How precious is this man to her!

She would do anything for him. It is his happiness that drives her days. One smile, one grin, one full belly laugh because of something she did. It is all that matters at the end of a long day.

He wonders why – what does she see in him? She says EVERYTHING! But he never sees it.

How can she explain the way he makes her feel?

How can she share the way her soul wells up, lifted, when he looks at her in love, touching her softly and gently when she is broken inside?

How does she show him that his lusty glances, letting her know “she’s still got it”, will make her more woman than any jewelry or material item ever can?

How does she explain that just one word to her, whispered in her ear, can turn the world on a dime?

When he reaches out and grabs her hand, kids and chaos all around, his touch makes it all fade away and suddenly it is just the two of them again. How can she ever explain his power, his ability beyond the simple provisions of shelter and sustenance? Would he ever understand if she tried to tell him?

She knows he may never understand, but it makes no matter to her. He is all hers and she will hungrily eat up any attention he offers. Her ears are never too full to hear his laughter one more time. Her heart is never full enough to not need one more touch, kiss, or caress. She can never hear his voice enough, breath in her ear, telling her the things he loves about her.

He is EVERYTHING to her.

She wishes he could see how he makes her life so much better. Maybe he will one day. When he does, he will finally be comfortable in her love for him. That is her hope, her dream, her desire, above all.

Hmm, maybe tomorrow… Her heart dances with the possibility that he will see clearly, tomorrow.

For he is EVERYTHING to her.