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Wi-fi wonders


This post is for my Dad…
God himself knows how much we both love the country. I’m a country girl through and through… But one advantage that I can boast of “in the city” is rare lack of Internet and home wi-fi networking.

My Dad has continued issues and spotty service… He’s the true tech guy and has all the knowledge I lack… But for all the know how and equipment – if you have no wi-fi, you are sunk.

So D, here’s a smile… For whenever you get back to Internet land in a longer than two minute stretch! I thought of you today and had to laugh.

Love ya!

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Author: Christi Campbell

Masks...we all have them, wear them, and even hide behind them. But what about the face behind it? The woman behind this mask is real... and the life that flows around it, even more preciously real.

2 thoughts on “Wi-fi wonders

  1. Ahhh yes, It’s either the dropped internet connection needing a reboot of the router or, the phone service just ups and quits. Gotta keep smiling tho!

  2. That savvy little bluebird made me smile.

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