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Doin the “NO PAIN” Dance of joy!


Have you ever been so happy you felt like dancing?  Whenever I get giddy and so happy I am overjoyed, I want to do a little jig.  And to be frank, if it’s just me and the kids, I DO that crazy little dance!

Do you remember the sitcom Perfect Strangers from the 80′s?  It was an odd little show I liked to watch that was mostly silliness about two cousins thrown together from different sides of the world.  One often taught the other to simply see life from a fresh perspective, and more times than not, to celebrate the joys.  Balki always did the “dance of Joy” when he was happy.  It always made me smile.


I have a lot of reasons to do that dance of joy right now…  I am not sure all that is involved in the actuality of this end result, but i have counted a whole 6 out of 7 days that were what I consider PAIN FREE!  That’s right!  Only one migraine in that week, and the other days were without pain!  I have not been able to say that for 2 years!

There have been lots of contributing factors, including new medicine changes, cervical spine injections, and mild weather… but no matter what the “reasons” for the pain free days are – the fact is I’ve had some amazing days, and all I care about is rejoicing and saying Whoopie!!    God’s heard me, the prayers of so many others, and He’s begun to reveal Himself in all of this.

I am not a patient person – so this wait has seemed insanely long.  But I have such hope and encouragement to see this result.  I’ve decided that from now on, I will still log the doctor’s requested pain log – but on my calendar I look at daily, it’s gonna have big smiley faces on all my GOOD days, so at a glance I can see the awesome days of blessings.  My hope is that there will be more smiles in my month than not.  I may even have a lapse of time where they are farther between – but I can see the light – and that it IS possible to have stretches of time where I feel like ME again!

So yippeeeee!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!

May God bless you in such a way as you can SEE His hand at work in your life.  It’s always there, I promise.

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Author: Christi Campbell

Masks...we all have them, wear them, and even hide behind them. But what about the face behind it? The woman behind this mask is real... and the life that flows around it, even more preciously real.

2 thoughts on “Doin the “NO PAIN” Dance of joy!

  1. Christi –
    I’m so happy for you! Let me join in your dance of joy!!!

    Thanks for sharing your good news today!

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